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Saturday, January 03, 2009

The 7 day experiment

Starting Monday I'm doing a "cleansing" diet with Darrell. I have to start by saying that I'm not convinced that this is going to work. "Supposedly" you lose 10 to 12 lbs. in a week. I'm doing this mainly to be support for Darrell as his "accountability" person. Hopefully I don't "wimp out"
I do not advocate these type of diets because my experience with my patients..they don't work. In some cases they can be dangerous.
In order to lose weight and maintain weight loss it has to be a change in mind and a lifestyle change in eating and exercise. So I'm looking at it more as an experiment than a diet.
Anyways, I plan to post about my days next week..what I'm eating,how I'm feeling, and if I truly lose any weight. I am in normal BMI weight but it wouldn't hurt me to lose 10 lbs as a cushion. I'm more focused on getting healthy. Darrell needs to lose 20 +
lbs to get to his normal BMI(Body Mass Index). He knows that after the week, he has some hard changes to cereal and ice cream at 10 o'clock at night!
Our biggest challenge is exercise. I HATE to exercise and Darrell works a lot of hours so it's hard for him to fit it in. We make all kinds of excuses :^)
I think the book I'm reading now will help because it puts focus on the change of mind and the exercise more than the food.
Sooo..we'll see what the next week brings..good,bad and ugly !


  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger darker than silence said…

    Several of my friends have done "cleansing" diets using special formulated drinks or special over-the-counter pills. They've experienced weight loss. My friend Sarah has been doing it for about six days and has lost seven pounds. Pretty impressive, since all she does is sit around (much like me, lol).

    Are you guys taking any special pills or drinks, or just going all-natural?

  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger Rochelle said…

    No pills or special drinks. It's called the GM diet. It's fruits,vegetables,a cabbage soup concoction..ugh! and then there's bananas,milk, and beef and brown rice toward the end. You have to drink lots of water and no fruit juices until the last day. Darrell has talked to 3 people who have done it and lost the 10 lbs. It's really just a cleansing diet ..not something you could stay on long term.


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