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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day #2 ...Vegetables are good for you :)

Today is vegetable only day. You start off with a baked potato with 1 pat of butter. That wasn't too bad...I eat oatmeal so I figured it was just a different kind of starch.
The water is getting a little bit hard. I feel water logged and it makes me go to the bathroom every 30 minutes!
For lunch I had salad. Luckily I work at a hospital which has a good salad bar with a variety of vegetables. I like croutons,cheese, and bacon bits which I couldn't have so it made it a little bland. I ate carrots and celery.
For favorite vegetable is spinach..I know I'm weird but I do love it.
I also ate some of the cabbage soup although I have to say...that stuff isn't my favorite.
I didn't have too many hunger pains or cravings until I came home and saw that Kristen made oatmeal cookies...That hurt!!!
I met my friends at Starbucks and just had the green lattes. Actually I have laryngitis so the tea was good for my honey though :^(
Some things I've learned about food so far :
1 I'm more disciplined than I thought I would be
2 Eating healthy is definitely a mindset.
3 I don't drink enough water. My skin is healthier.
4 I eat out of boredom
5 I'm missing milk(that comes Thursday) and my peanut butter/jelly sandwich..that's not part of the diet at all

Tomorrow is vegetables(no potatoes) and fruit(no juice). We have house church on Wednesdays and it's salad/sandwich theme. The salad will work...not the sandwich..and I am totally missing bread!!!

Sidenote: My friend Carrie who is pregnant with her 3rd baby was put back in the hospital with bleeding again. She is doing ok but I think she'll have to stay the rest of the pregnancy which is another 5 weeks or so. Please keep her in prayer.


  • At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I can't wait to see how much you guys lose. I need to lose 5 lbs too. I might try it-would work for me since I already am a vegetarian.
    Happy New Dieting year and Hello to Darrell too.
    Xo Bona


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