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Sunday, April 19, 2009

"The Endangered Virtues of Singleness"

These are my notes for Rob's sermon at Apex
This sermon was mainly for people who are presently single...whether it's college or older adult,divorced,widowed,etc.
I wish I had heard a sermon like this when I was in my early 20's. I struggled with being single. I lived on my own for 2 years after college and I did truly wonder during that time if I would ever find the right person to marry. I think many times that fear of being alone drives people into relationships and even marriage way too soon. I was a totally different person at age 24 than I was even at age 20. I think emotionally there are many people who aren't ready for that commitment at such a young age. Singleness isn't a bad thing. It's a time to really figure out what's important. You will find that person...probably when you least expect it. I did.
I met my husband on a blind date at a time when I basically "was done" with trying to find anyone. If I had married someone who I had dated earlier in my would have been a disaster. I was too immature and insecure... and so were they.
This sermon brought back some of those emotions I had when at the end of his sermon he asked those who were struggling with their singleness to come to the altar for prayer. We have a HUGE single/college population so there were sooo many people who came forward. I walked in their shoes so it made me a little teary...that and the song by Kim Walker "He Loves Us" just fit perfectly.


Followers of Jesus live their lives preparing for Jesus to come back

Don't let singleness become so "front page" in your life that it overtakes that hope of Christ coming back. Many times Christ's return can take a "backseat" to our agenda and life. "I want Him to come back but after......" fill in the blank..I get married,I have children,I finish my degree,etc.

1. Pursue an uncluttered mind and disciplined life..stay alert.
Look for someone to keep you accountable.
Extra funds and extra time as a single can clutter your life.
Sexual Purity..."no one is watching"
Be self controlled which leads to increase in prayer life. Otherwise we live with "drive by prayers"

2. Be wary of superficiality in relationships. Love deeply.
As singles we migrate to different groups and don't develop the deep roots with people.
You need those people who will confront you when you screw up..and also know forgiveness when you repent.

3. Practice hospitable openness to others without grumbling. Open your house and lives.
This is easier as single than married because of responsibilities with spouse,children

4. Remember you are a steward of God's gifts of singleness. Be careful how you talk to one another.ecourage one another.
Don't compromise your beliefs because you are lonely.

What about the desires? God operates from a palate outside of this world. Those desires can only be fulfilled by Him. There is no marriage in heaven. He is all we need.


  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh wow...from reading this it sounds like a good sermon. something i think everyone should listen to. i sure could of used it when i was single.


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