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Saturday, May 02, 2009

"A Son and A Father"

These are my notes from Apex.

John 5:19-23

Who is your dad?

Imitation is the most authentic form of worship
We imitate objects of our affection
How can I know God is my father?
By imitation of who He is...not just by doing religious things
1st John 2:6
1st Peter 2:21
Disciples of Christ imitate him

A bad impression is mocking
God will not be mocked

A key to understanding the fatherhood of God is acknowledging you are utterly powerless without Him.

If you store up religious acts but there is no heart of faith...Jesus will say depart from me...I never knew you

We imitate God because of:

1 His love. The father loves the son. Does your love motivate you to imitate him?
2 His enablement. We are given the Holy Spirit
3 His authority. All judgment is given to Jesus
Derived authority from God
4 His worth.

Are you imitating the nature of Christ so closely that others are worshiping him?
What is your motivation? Passion? Holy Spirit? Seeking God in prayer? stepping out in his authority? So that God gets glory?


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