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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"The Father's Character"

These are my notes from Apex's sermon tonight.
Rob started a new series on the Fatherhood of God.

The scripture for tonight is Psalm 89:26

Rob started with a clip of a dad who returned from Iraq and surprised his 6 yr old son.
The little boy ran to his dad. It was a heart wrencher..even Rob had tears.
This dad fights a war so his son doesn't have to.
God does the same for us...why don't we run to him in the same way?

Many times the way you look at your dad can impact how you also see God...but not always.

The fatherhood of God is the dominant self revelation of God.
If you don't get it that God is the don't get Christianity.
Moses,David,Isaiah,Hosea,Matthew,Mark,Luke,John,Paul,James and Peter all saw God as the Father.

Rock of our salvation.
God wrote his commands on stone tablets.
Ebenezer(stone of help) God did a work here
manger..carved out of limestone
Temptation of Jesus in the desert..stones to bread
Jesus in a large rock
Revelation..we will be given stones with our new names

Properties of Rocks
1 Rock is hard
2 Rock is foundational..Jesus is the cornerstone of our lives
3 Rock is immmovable..petra
4 Rock is a shelter
5 Rock gives life
6 Rock worships

God is the rock of our family. When he is absent..we know it
When we see God as our rock, we can take the rocks that come to us.


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