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Sunday, May 03, 2009

An update

Just thought I'd give an update on some things:

1 Still working for Bull Family Diabetes Center 3days/5days...definite job security :)
2 Darrell still at Serra ...for the moment..announcements will be made this week as to which dealerships in the area are likely to close
3 Zach coming home in 1 week for the summer. He will be a server at Max and Erma's
4 Kristen graduates in Aug with a degree in Psychology from Lee. She will be living in Cleveland,Tennessee with 2 of her friends...looking for employment:)
5 Still attend Apex...and Chris's house church and love both :)
6 Looking forward to seeing Coldplay in June at Riverbend...thanks Darrell :)
7 Looking forward to seeing The Fray in June at PNC
8 Lost 11 lbs...5 more to go and I'm actually starting to like exercise :)
9 Getting ready to plant a vegetable garden
10 still loves Boston Red Sox !!!


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