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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Sisters....Busyness

These are my notes from the sermon Rob gave tonight at Apex.

Luke 10:38-42
This is a very convicting message. I think we all relate to the message of busyness and how damaging it can be to our faith.

Life can be like the roller coaster at Cedar Point. It goes from standing still takes off...and goes from 0 to 120 miles in 3 seconds. You say "What just happened?"
Many times we don't want to get back on.

"Busyness is a deeper threat to the soul than pornography"

The pace of our life leads to negative things.

Choleric..moxie,can't sit still,constantly busy

Sanguine...happy to be here

Context of the verse..Mary is at Jesus's feet taking on the role of a disciple
Women wouldn't do this at this time. They sat at the outskirts and kept busy serving.

The people who are to be at the feet of Jesus aren't the ones who are's all of us.
There is nothing wrong with work. He doesn't put Martha down for working..He puts her down for how she works.

Choosing serving over listening:

1 We become easily distracted. Too many things going through our head. It makes us withdraw from people because good relationships take time..and for those who are "busy".. relationships get in the way of activity

2 Easily irritated. We complain to God then tell him what he needs to do.
Workaholics..feel others don't work as hard as they do or like they do and they verbally "t-off" against them. They aren't the ones in the wrong...we are.

3 We become foolish in our priorities . Our wants and needs become the same. Our wick is short. We're tired.

When we understand that intimacy with Jesus is foundational to our serving we will:

1 Place ourselves in a position to hear yourself at Jesus's feet.
Going to a gathering for church doesn't count. It's the everyday thinking about God..being still and listening for his voice..talking to God...reading our Bibles.
We're afraid of this because we're afraid of what we will hear. We go on and on..we are broken and hide behind busyness.

Put yourself in a position of repentance.

2 Cultivate a discipline to ponder what we hear from Jesus. Soaking in his word. Our actions should show this.

3 Make hard choices for the greatest reward. Give God the best part..not the leftovers.
God sacrificed his Son..the best portion.

"How busy you are is determined by how many gods you have",etc.
There is only 1 God.

It's not the amt. of's the shows the true desires of our hearts.
Is God's glory the ground motive?


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