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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Phil Wickham in concert

These are some of the pictures from the concert we went to tonight. It was at the Darke County Fairgrounds. It was a beautiful night. Adam Cappa opened and played for 30 min. He's a local artist. Jason Gray came on next. He has a great voice and is very worshipful. He stutters when he talks but not when he sings..and he has a great sense of humor.
Phil Wickham was the reason I went. I love his music and have for awhile. We sing alot of his worship songs at Apex. He did not disappoint. He started out with "Desire" followed by "Cannons" and "Beautiful". He played 2 new songs from his new album coming out in November.."Eden" and "Heaven's Song" He played "Jesus Lord of Heaven" and "Spirit Fall" He finished with "Divine Romance","True Love", and "Amazing Grace"
He was at his merchandise booth and was so gracious. He gave autographs,took pictures, and even did a brief little video for the wife of one of the drummers who goes to Apex.
I told him I was one of the little pictures on his online album and he loved did his wife..who is very beautiful. He also was very gracious to tell Darrell how to send our worship minister's albums to his management.
Sanctus Real was the last band..we stayed for one song and then went out to the fair food booths and got a great chicken tenderloin sandwich.
And of course...I bought a tshirt! I love concert tshirts!
Definitely the highlight of my weekend :)


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