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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Players

These are my notes from Rob's sermon tonight.
Worship music tonight was great.."How he loves", "God of this City", and "Beautiful"
We are in a series called "The House of Jazz"..referring to how diverse the church can be.

1 Corinthians 12: 12-26

Our gathering at Apex is diverse but a big gathering has limits
When we talk about the players we are talking about you and I
Philip Yancey wrote a book called "The Jesus I Never Knew" which is a great book and has alot of impact.
Many of us say we want a church "like Acts 2 church" The truth is we like the glory but we don't like to talk about "the manure" that occurred in churches of Corinthians,Galatians,and Philippi.
The Acts 2 church isn't what we need to strive to be. We need to strive to be the Revelation 7 church.
Just because you have a house church doesn't mean it's Christ Centered.

Four threats to Christ Centered community

1. When there is little or no dependency on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a who not an it. You are dealing with the direct nature of God.
The trinity = unity
We limit ourselves by looking for others who are "common" i.e. singleness,age,etc.
We should have the spirit as our commonality.
In house church we drink of the Holy Spirit. We drink in his word. We spur each other on.

2. When members do not themselves as a deliberate part of the whole
In traditional churches we don't feel part unless we can teach or perform music.
Are you OK if you're part of the body is unseen?
If not then it leads to jealousy and bitterness. God has sovereignly placed us where we are in the church. There are no "little parts" in the kingdom of God.
In house church, we all need to prayer, in sharing scripture.

3. When members are concerned about receiving honor instead of giving honor.
Go to the house church with the attitude of giving not what you are getting from it.
We are all a "needy person" to someone.

4. When there is no mutual hurting and rejoicing
If you want to see what's inside of you, you need to hurt with other people
Love cannot exist in isolation.


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