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Monday, October 12, 2009

"The Sound of Sleigh Bells"

I spent an hour yesterday afternoon and an hour this morning reading this book.
I have read another book by Cindy Woodsmall and this book was just as enjoyable for me as the last one. It's a very short read which is nice when you have a short flight or a few hour in an afternoon. She focuses on the Amish community and develops her characters in a way that draws you right in. When I read fiction, I like to escape and this allowed me to do that. It uses a love them as well as a mystery which I love. I also love how she tied a secular problem,abuse, to the Amish community and showed how it is dealt with.
I think the use of snow and sleighs drew me in since we're getting close to the winter season.
I would absolutely recommend this book for anyone who is looking for a short easy read fiction.

To buy a copy you can go here

Cindy Woodsmall is the author of When the Heart Cries, When the Morning Comes, and The New York Times Best-Seller When the Soul Mends. Her ability to authentically capture the heart of her characters comes from her real-life connections with Amish Mennonite and Old Order Amish families. A mother of three sons and two daughters-in-law, Cindy lives in Georgia with her husband of thirty-one years.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


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