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Saturday, October 10, 2009

"The future of Jazz"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon at Apex. We sang a couple of David Crowder "hymns" and then Olivia sang a song she wrote...beautiful. I love her voice ...and her style..she always wears an awesome hat.

Psalm 123

This is a song of ascent. Why were these Psalms written?
Possibly for the coming out of Egypt
Possibly for the Jews coming to Jerusalem to a festival

In order to ascend:

1 We must be discontent with where we are. If you are a healthy follower of Christ you won't be comfortable where you are. You won't be at ease. You will always be looking to ascend closer.
We have "nursery room" house churches. We also need to be in prayer for our "delivery room" house churches
Pray that we get better at knowing how our house churches are doing

2 We must be fixated on our ultimate obsession
"Fix our eyes on Jesus"

3 Must trust that God provides resources for His work..God has history in providing for Apex.

4 We must cry out for his mercy upon us.
In our ascent we will mess up God is committed to us


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