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Sunday, February 28, 2010

"The Calling of Our Work"

These are my notes from Apex this morning. Loved our worship! Apexers definitely know how to sing it out!

Colossians 3:23-24

Life can be a nonstop regimen.
Vocare means spiritual calling. We get the word vocation from this.
If someone asks us what is your calling, we don't think about our job.

Work is never mundane within the kingdom of God. "Do all for the glory of God"
Work is a means for worship


Our activity of work should flow out of our soul.

What kind of soul?

1. A soul that comes under the grander authority of God.
When you get a complaining,whiny are working for the wrong person

2. A soul that hopes in the compensation of God..we inherit the earth, eternal life, but we are also bought by Christ.
If you work for a means to an end..these are "deceptive ways"

3. A soul that recalls the nature of Christ
We didn't come to be served but to serve.
We are serving the greatest servant

When you are thinking,talking and acting :

1. Give attention to the behavioral values of your workplace

2 Work as hard on your character as you do for your job..tune your heart to the word of God.

3. Pursue excellence and diligence

4. Rest in God's sovereign positioning of your are where you are because God has plans for you there

5. Be very careful how you carry yourself verbally...don't gossip..don't throw people under the bus

6. Consider your work as part of the cost of being a disciple

If you love being chiseled and changed to be more like will love your job.


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