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Sunday, June 27, 2010

"The Test of our Perspective"

These are my notes from the sermon on Sat night.
Chris Cardiff,an elder,did the sermon.

James 2: 1-13

Many times we have the wrong perspective.
The right perspective is keeping your eyes on is eternal.

If we have our perspective right, how ridiculous is it that we think we are better than others?

What happens when we don't have perspective?

We look to others and covet what they have.

Test of Perspective

Distinctions can cause divisions
1. Rich vs Poor
2. Race vs Race
3. Ministry vs Ministry
4. Pleasing man vs. Pleasing God

We are all "6th men" off the bench.

vs 8-11 Royal law=king's law
vs 12-13
Judgment vs Mercy
It's a daily battle of our flesh...what is motivating our heart?
God doesn't show partiality and neither should we but it creeps in subtly.

How many times do we have Jesus in front of us and we have our focus on something else.

Do you believe this? It's something you need to ask yourself


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