Small steps in faith

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"John 1: 14-18"

My notes from 1/23/11

Joan Osborne sang a song in 1995 called "One of Us" It's her interpretation of God.
In John, he gives us God's interpretation of Himself"
Jesus is the interpreter of God
What does Jesus reveal about God in these verses?

Jesus is:

1. God moved in.

Eugene Peterson .."God moved into our neighborhood"
Word became flesh and dwelled
In Exodus..God provides a way for him to hang with his people..a tabernacle.
God doesn't leaveus in the desert.
Tabernacel...temple(more permanent)..Jesus...We have become the tabernacle...we have the Holy Spirit.
Looking into the future..Revelation 21..God will be with us.
How is God's presence being made known where we work and live?
Jesus was not a wallflower. He made his presence known. Jesus comes in to the muck and dirt of our lives.

2. Jesus is God's glory made bearable

Glory is the public expression of magnificence.
If God exists for his own glory, you and I exist for the full glory of God.
What is the core motivation of your life?

3. Jesus is God's face of inexhaustible grace. (v17)
God doesn't give us leftovers. He gave us his best for sinners.
God's grace is always on repeat..we need to cherish that.
Bitter people..they have detached themselves from realizing that every breath is grace.
The law represents grace.
Laws are a restraint. It's a shadow of Christ.
Law and grace come through's better than previous grace

People in hell now and in the future didn't enjoy God.
Is your heart joyful and humbled because of grace?

Rob finished with a story of 2 older ladies who he grew up with. When you asked Jane how she was doing, she would always reply with "Honey, I am so blessed"..despite losing 2 husbands tragically.
Grace upon grace despite sad circumstance in life.


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