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Sunday, January 30, 2011

John 1: 19-23

These are my notes from Rob's sermon this am.

Verses 1-18 were a prologue
Verse 19 starts a narrative
How to be used by God that we don't even fear the taking of our own life

Setting the tension (v19)
No prophetic activity for 400 yrs.

Cultural tension..waiting to be free from Rome
Religious tension..waiting for the Messiah

Jews..the Sanhedrin..a council of religious rulers. They have a high amt. of political clout. They are made up of priests and Levites

Moses brother, Aaron, was a high priest. His family were the priests who go yearly to the Holy of Holies

Levites..they are the tribe who repented after bowing down to the golden calf
They assisted the priests. They were the janitors,temple guards,baked the bread, and led worship

If you want to used by God :

1. Know who you are NOT (v20)
John the Baptist freely tell them who he is not.."I am not the Christ"

Malachi 4:5
They knew Elijah would come before Christ. John is not him.

A prophet will come. It is not John

We try to figure ourselves out by what we do
Looking glass look at yourself by how others

Self worth is not what we do, it's not looking inside yourself, it's not the opinions of's by our Creator

2. Know who you are (21-23)

John.."I am a voice"
He ties his story into God's story
The Old Testament is our story. We are connected into God's drama as it unfolds

Isaiah 40..Prophet sings to them to help lead them out of the wilderness

Present wilderness..relationship with Jesus will lead us out of the wilderness home

Isaiah 53:5 method to get his people home..Jesus Christ

Questions to ask ourselves

1. Are you so committed to your lifestyle that you stopped listening to the Lord..even a Christian lifestyle?

2. Are you being spiritually sensitive to the questions people ask you? Always be ready to give a reason for your hope

3. Are you OK with who you are not?

4. Are you playing your unique role in the building of the church?

5. Are we being a highway or detour for others getting to Christ?
Are we making a smooth path or creating obstacles by our mouth, what we wear, our lifestyle

6. Are we standing in the way of broken people as the people did when the men tried to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus?

Love your neighbor


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