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Monday, February 07, 2011

"John 1: 24-34"

These are my notes from the sermon at Apex 2/6

Why is John baptizing such a radical act?
Jews knew baptism
John is continually baptizing..not just a certain time
He was baptizing Jews as well as Gentiles..Gentiles who wanted to be part of the Jewish faith baptized themselves
Apex believes in Believer's baptism. It's done after you have professed your faith.
Living in a "religious" home doesn't "save" you
Jesus is life. Anything else is death

John's baptism:

1. Was an obedient action (v24-27,31-34)

As Christians we are ambassadors and our authority is God in case you are asked "Who do you think you are?"

What is your motivation in obeying Jesus?
I am nobody but I know a God who is better than both of us
Value of who He is and all his perfections
We obey what we are intoxicated with

2. Was a symbolic action (v 26,33b)
John's baptism is repentance before Jesus comes
Our baptism..we are identifying with Jesus' death and resurrection..die to our old self
We are baptized on the inside with the Holy Spirit.

3. A preparatory action (29-31)
to present the lamb of God to us
Many references in Revelation to the lamb
Jesus is the warrior lamb of God
Are you prepared and preparing for Jesus next arrival?
He is coming back to take us home
John the Baptist prepared the way for the first coming
We are to prepare for the second coming

Question: Am I living in an intentional life or continually being caught up in trivial issues?
Am I looking forward to seeing Jesus or more concerned with who or what I will leave behind
Am I pursuing obedience to Christ or letting my flesh control my life
Am I living in awareness of future judgment?
Every person will be judged
Am I living in awareness of future grace?


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