Small steps in faith

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"John 4: 16-26

My notes from the sermon on 5/8 Mother's Day

There are many things we want from God but there are things we don't want him to take in order to get them.

1. Jesus reveals the woman's false worship (16-18)
She married over and over
You can't make your spouse your lord.
She doesn't want to let Jesus in her heart...she argues theology.
Theological arguments are used to hide

2. Jesus reveals her broken thinking (19-24)
You can't worship without the's from a deep place inside
It has nothing to do with hymns vs contemporary
Right thinking produces right feeling
Worship must have heart and head
head only=dry up
heart only=blow up
concert of both=grow up

3. Jesus reveals his solution (himself) (25-26)


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