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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"John 3:31-36"

These are my notes from the Apex sermon this am
This weekend Apex had a men's conference on Fri night/Sat am/afternoon
More than 700 men attended
The 2 things that stood out
1. A baptism of a new believer
2. The into of love our city.. We need to love our city..reach our with our city.
To love a city...we need to love it's children
Apex has signed an agreement to support Big Brothers /Big Sisters with men who will mentor young boys.

John 3:31-36
In the midst of conflict, John reacts with humility. The conflict is about baptism

John understood the origin and height of Jesus(v31)
Jesus is from heaven....John is from dust...just like we all are. We need to remind ourselves of this
He is above all
We try to be kings/queens of our own hell
Jesus died on a hill...He is the King of the hill

Jesus has a vantage point we don't have
We don't know what happens in the future

John's humility is fueled by the authenticity of Jesus (v32-33)
We have the seal of Jesus on our life

We are only qualified to share the gospel because of blood of Jesus Christ

John is fueled by the sustaining spirit of Jesus (v34)
God does not hold out on us...he gives without measure
If you're burn is've stopped repenting. We are always in need of His grace

John is fueled by the sobering goodness and wrath of Jesus
goodness=eternal life
Jesus is not just the good mood of God
The last face you see before going to Hell is the face of Jesus in judgment
God's goodness fuels his wrath
You can't have love without having hate


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