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Sunday, March 13, 2011

"John 2: 12-22"

These are my notes for the sermon on 3/6

The text needs to be looked at 4 ways

1. Look at Occasion
Day of Atonement..Passover It's usually in late March/April
All Jewish males went up to Jerusalem
Jesus goes to the temple to the Court of the Gentiles

2. Look at His Anger
He used a whip to drive them out.
What is making him so mad?

3. Look at the Reasons
1. Economic..prices are increased unfairly
2. Racial..Jewish people were getting in the way of religion...Racist against Gentiles
3. Jesus knew he was going to destroy the temple. There would be no barriers...the curtain comes down
The Babylonians destroyed the temple and are still trying to rebuild it
Hebrews 9:8 Specifications of the temple

4. Look at ourselves
God lives in the lives of disciples.
God overturns the tables in us What are they?
Are there barriers in the courts of your life that keep you from boldly coming before Jesus....not praying..not sharing faith
We're exchanging the value of Jesus of something cheap
What does Jesus need to take a whip to?
Are their barriers toward other people? Latent racism..against economical class ..personality type
Jesus can turn over those barriers through the power of His cross

3 yrs after this incident was the crucifixion.
When Jesus was getting whipped, He was whipping sin
Is there a table of sexual immorality or bitterness that needs to be overturned?


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