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Sunday, April 17, 2011

"John 3:22-30" Competition

These are my notes from Apex for 4/10
Competition...sometimes it's taken too far
Women...relationships,looks lead to jealousy
Men...goal oriented..condescending to others
All of us are competitive in some way
There is no room for competition in the church of Jesus Christ
how do you deal with the fact that someone is always better than you?
How do we deal with losing?
Who you are jealous of is your functional god

John is baptizing differently than Jesus
Full immersion vs repentance
In the church today, we do Romans 6 baptism
Jealousy minimizes what you have and maximizes what you don't have
"All are going to him" This is an exaggeration
How does John the Baptist respond?

1. John saw everything no matter how small as grace (v27)

2. John understood his role in the kingdom (v28)

3. John had met his joy (v29) He was the best man at the wedding. The groom was the object of the wedding

Men.....Has there been some resentment, frustration form a root of competition that has gone too far?
Women Are you comparing to other women?


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