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Saturday, April 02, 2011

"John 3:9-15"

These are my notes for Apex sermon on 3/27

We treat God like a telemarketer who seeks us at inconvenient times. He shares what our needs are and we screen Him.
Nicodemus was screening the call of God. Religion was getting in the way.
Jesus is on a collision course with Nicodemus on two different types of knowledge.
Nicodemus..a scholar but doesn't understand the word of God
Do you look at it as a duty..a stopping point or as a place to jump off and love others more?

1 Samuel 10:16
Isaiah 32:5
Jeremiah 31:33

Nicodemus knew these verses. The personification was standing in front of him and he didn't know it

Our knowledge must flow out of...

1. the authority of Jesus (11-13)
He is not a consultant
Who is the "we"?
Jesus uses sarcasm
He is talking about Himself and the Father
He has authority in and of Himself
We only have derived authority
Jesus is the bridge between heaven and earth

2. the mercy of Jesus (14)
Knowledge without love...we get puffed up
Many with knowledge only are one wants to be around them.
They have the knowledge but it's a wall not a conduit
Numbers 21:5
God's divine judgment and divine mercy
The serpent on the pole
The lamb of God on the cross
He who knew no sin became sin for us

3. the mission of Jesus(15)
Luke 5:31
Came to save sinners
Ezekiel 34:16
seek the lost strengthen the weak
We don't gain knowledge to become fat and immobile.
It's to serve others and to be a blessing to others


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