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Sunday, March 20, 2011

"John 3: 1-8

These are my notes from the sermon from Apex this am.
I loved that we had someone playing an orchestra bass for worship.
Rob recognized the fact that many questions are coming in surrounding the Rob Bell book and dealing with the topic of hell
We will be addressing this in sermons involving John 3.
The word perish in the Bible...what does it mean?

Chapter 2 flows into Chapter 3
We tend to impose our own culture on certain passages and this is one of those.

Nicodemus..a pharisee..a teacher of the Jews...came to Jesus at night.
Why? For an uninterrupted conversation and to protect status

Pharisees came in the 400 yrs between old and new testament
The Roman Empire grew and they needed to stratisfy leadership
Rome conquered Israel
They used Jews in roles of leadership

1. Zealots.. a party that came out and fought with Rome
2. Sadducees..political...didn't believe in the physical resurrection. Didn't believe in angels. They were wealthy
3. Essenes...separated from culture..lived in deserts...minimalistic
4. Pharisees..word of were obsessed with how God revealed himself.

Truly Truly..."you need to listen to me"

The term born again Christian is redundant.
A Christian who is not born again is not a Christian

Being born again:
1, Transfers you into the kingdom of God (v3)
We are all citizens of a kingdom. Not all citizens are of the same kingdom.
Kingdom is either celestial or demonic
Hitler and Billy Graham equally need the righteousness of Jesus
The kingdom is now and it will be perfected when Jesus comes back....and then ...there will only be one kingdom
How can I tell if I'm part of God's kingdom? Every part of your life involves God's kingdom
Nicodemus gives a sarcastic response to Jesus (v4)

2. Renovates you for the kingdom of God (v5-6)
water and spirit..refers back to Ezekial 36: 24-27
Gives you a new inclination to make us a person of God that He desires
How can I tell?
Are you growing in your hatred toward sin? Is it becoming more unnatural

Too many church members are starched and ironed but not washed

Christianity is a wrecking ball to our life.

3. is a spiritual mystery of the kingdom of God
"The grace of the wind"
Humility is important
We deserve nothing but hell


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