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Sunday, June 05, 2011

John 4: 43-54

John 4:43-54
These are my notes from May 21 sermon.
Irony.....contradiction make normal
Many times when we think we are welcoming Jesus, we are dishonoring him
Welcoming faith is not the same as saving faith

1. Faith motivated by tragedy
Problem leads to leap of faith

2. Motivated by miraculous
Jesus is not talking in this passage to just the dad
He is also talking to all of us
God does the miraculous all the time through grace

It's a desire to use Jesus but not love him
When he gets into parts of our lives such as idols, we want him to leave...we treat him like a dinner guest

Saving faith..Jesus uses the broken version of faith

1. Believes and responds...Sincere faith is not based on tragedy and miracles. It's based on God's word
We are all here to get our orders from the King
You can't be just listeners You have to be doers

2. Responds by trusting in his promises
Promise from the Lord in the middle of the desert. What will keep you going? The promises and word of God
Jesus has never broken a promise. He fulfills every promise
What do you do when it's not working out? Keep walking.We give up too soon. Jesus kept walking his death.

3 Affects those around us.
If you don't always clearly see the fruit, it doesn't mean you're not walking


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