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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day #3 A Hard Day

Well I think I know why many people quit after's hard!
To make it harder...I'm sick..Achy,fever,cough and no voice.
I had to call in sick to work which I haven't done in 8 years, and they had to cancel my patients at the office for the next 2 days.
My job partner was also sick so our outpatient educator, Cindy, came in to teach the class at the office. Our nurse practitioner, Barb, did the education for our Bull Family patients in the hospital and the rest of the hospital had to wing it for a day.
When you're sick you want comfort food not fruit and vegetables and that's what today is..fruit and vegetables.
I had melon for breakfast with tea and honey and of course water.
I slept until 10am...that NEVER happens.
I ate carrots and a clementine and water at lunch
I had an orange mid day and water.
I had a salad that my dear husband brought me from DLM for supper with peach flavored water.
I just ate a handful of raisins and I'm working on the water.
I was VERY tempted to give in because I don't feel good and I have a growling stomach but I hung in because Darrell coached me on. He said to go ahead and put a teaspoon of honey in my tea even though you're not supposed to have sugar so if I don't lose weight I'll blame it on the honey :)
I know that fruit was probably a healthier thing for me to do than comfort food but it was hard to talk myself into it!
Tomorrow is an interesting day....bananas and milk. Kristen has a friend who did this diet and she made a smoothie with her bananas and milk. We got a new blender so I think I'll try it :^) Luckily I do like bananas and milk.
This is the point of the diet where your body goes into "burn fat" mode so we'll see what happens.
3 days down..4 to go!!


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