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Sunday, September 20, 2009

"The Discipline of Jazz"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon at Apex this morning.
It's always a heartwarmer when a family of kids are baptized..they were so cute and it was touching to see the 2 grandpas and Mark(dad) baptize all 3 of them.
Worship is always good but this morning it was beyond good...We sang "The Revelation Song" and those girls did an awesome job! It gave me goosebumps with a packed sanctuary singing that song! Even Rob said he couldn't give a sermon that would have that much impact.

Colossians 1:28-29

What is the goal of "the music"?
If you ask house church leaders you will hear different reach the neighborhood,community,sharing scripture. None of those are the goal
The goal is be more like Him
What does it mean to be mature in Christ?
Are you pleased with your growth?

3 questions

What is Christian maturity?
What is the process in Christian maturity?
What is involved in Christian maturity?
If Apex(the building) is we understand that we still have access to Christ

What is Christian Maturity?

1 Pursuit of the perfection of Christ..the key being Pursuit not perfection

2 It's a process by which heart,mind, and actions grow in conformity to the nature of can't have just one or need all three

3 It has Christ as the end all be all..the ground motive

What does perfect look like this side of heaven?
For those who place their trust in Christ..we are constantly being cleansed.
Many times we create our own Christ caricatures
Jesus the rock star
Jesus the business CEO
Jesus the sage teacher
Jesus the political revolutionary
Jesus the social worker

There is no more radical Jesus than the one in the Bible

What is the process?

1 Warning(admonishing) others Many of us have friendships we don't want to lose so we don't admonish..warn..hold accountable. We don't want to offend

2 By teaching others...we all lack knowledge
If you are a follower then you have a ministry of teaching. It can be simply by example.

3 By suffering for others..Discipleship is hard work. You will feel like a failure many times. It will change relationships.
Christ got involved in our dirt..that's biblical reality.

4 By dependency on Christ for others

Who is involved?

Everybody...It's not just the "paid ministers" The body of Christ needs to take ownership


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