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Sunday, October 04, 2009

"Facing the Music"

These are my notes with some of my thoughts on Rob's sermon this morning at Apex.
First I have to say that Rob makes me laugh with his love of Stryper and his excitement in seeing them last night at McGuffy's. Someone made a comment on his facebook that Stryper wears more eyeliner than they do which cracked me up.
Our worship was great this morning...not because of just the Praise Team but because of the way everyone there pours out their hearts when they sing. "Revelation Song" was amazing.

Matthew 11:16-19

We are doing a series called House of Jazz.
Today the sermon focused on defining reality..facing the music...our response to the music.
There are certain things that you don't understand until you have children.
Children have vivid imaginations and like to role play.
When they role play there is a director and the players and many times those players don't respond the way the director wants them to.
As a church we don't want to respond the way God wants us to.
We don't want to face the music that God is teaching us.

Eight songs that we must face within Apex community

1 A clear and simple picture of our shared journey or vision

We have been given our make disciples
We are a large church and we don't want the focus to be on the numbers. Hitler drew numbers.
When you have a large crowd it's harder to move that number of people toward the mission.

2 Practical leadership development

What do we look for in finding leaders?
How can we develop them and have a system of accountability? do we encourage and help them persevere?

3 Help dying house churches die gracefully

Find out what happened?
How do you move on to another healthy house church.
Many times it causes people to run from house church and Apex altogether

On a personal note..I was part of a dying house church 3 yrs ago. I left that experience a very bitter person. I was used and abused by some very selfish people who talked the talk but don't walk the walk. It took me awhile to trust the people in my house church now but I can say that when it's biblical and when it's led as it should church is a wonderful experience.

4. Mutual joy over all expressions of Apex community

the gathering as well as the house churches as well as the mission experiences.
We don't want "civil war" attitudes between the gathering and the house churches.

5. Discipleship that is not mere theory but is exhibited in our behavior.

Are you investing your life into one other person in order to make them more like Jesus?

6. Enjoy the future kingdom success of Apex, even if we are not there to see it.

We may be the ones providing the foundation and the scaffolding.

7. Not allowing the chaotic nature of our ministry to distract us from enjoying our sovereign Jesus...fighting our real enemy.

Our enemy is not ultimately each's Satan

8. Embrace the humbleness and power of the cross.

A condescending attitude..cynicism = we feel we are entitled to something. The only thing we deserve is Hell...everything you have is through the grace of Jesus.
We all need humility..That's when God's power is unleashed.


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