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Friday, February 18, 2011

"John 1:35-42"

These are my notes from last Sunday's sermon at Apex

John 1:35-42

Transition from John the Baptist to Jesus
In a project by Jim Collins he studied what makes good great.
He looked at leaders and what is it about leaders that make them great

1. Ambition. deep in their bones
2. Humility.

What are basic attributes of being a disciple?

A disciple beholds (v35-36)
look..oberving..sensory perciption
behold...look of affection..pondering of a relationship

2. A disciple responds. (v37)
Love your neighbor. Encourage one another. Keeping each other accountable.
It's not just the big things ie being called to other countries as a missionary
"Perfect obedience would be perfect happiness if we had perfect confidence in the power we are obeying."

Part of the armour we put on is on our feet. Our feet are in readiness
God is the initiator and we are the responder.

3. A disciple abides (v38-39)
We hang out continually with Jesus
Do the unbelievers in our life recognize we are spending time with Jesus?

sinkholes..our interior lives look like this when we aren't spending time with God
We are sitting on a fragile can collapse and open up and devastate us.
Not abiding=segmenting from the vine

What are you seeking? What Jesus are you and I seeking today?
Do you see him as only a pothole filler. He fills in our problem spots and then we take over?

4. A disciple speaks (v 40-41)
You can't expand the gospel without speaking and sharing

5. A disciple brings. (42a)
Bring people into our experience with Jesus. It's about making disciples.

6. A disciple is transformed. (v42b)
Names are our identity and mission.
We will all get a new name.


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