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Friday, March 04, 2011

"John 2: 1-11

These are my notes from Rob's sermon last Sunday. The sermon was based on scripture I have heard before but not in this way.
Many of us feel like we're running on empty and we have unmet expectations.
In this time of scripture, marriage was very significant.
In a Hebrew wedding, the groom was the focus and his family paid for the wedding.
Hospitality was a big deal
A Jewish wedding lasted for a week
Archaeologists didn't know where Canna was until 50 yrs ago. It was very obscure.
At the wedding, they run out of wine and Jesus is there.

When the drama happens.....

1. Acknowledge his presence (1-2)
Jesus gives meaning even to the mundane.

2. Remember his identity.
Mary.."They have no wine" Jesus responds awkwardly with the term "woman" why?
What do we have in common?
Mary is trying to lord over Jesus and He is setting her straight to his identity
When he says my hour , he is talking about his death/resurrection
In Rob's generation..We can be honest with God but we don't want God to be honest with us.

3. Receive his provision (v6-7)
His provision rarely comes to us the way we think it will
Jars of stone with water.. Purifying was important in Jewish culture
The jars were empty and them to fill them up
God can take a small piece of shrapnel and make something of it
Master servant...monitored the alcohol. He knew at the end alcohol was watered down. In this case, the good alcohol was at the end.
All means all. All things for the good of those who love him...even in the face of hard things in life.

4. Trust His good news (8-11)
Question..Do we believe that God is good? Theologically this is different from trust.
Jesus does something to prevent the shame of the groom
We are reflectors of God's goodness and grace. We need to be more humble.


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