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Sunday, June 05, 2011

John 5:1-18

John 5:1-18

Jesus is going to a festival in the middle of Jerusalem where there is a temple. Outside of the temple is a sheep gate
Lambs/sheep were important in the Jewish faith
They were symbolic
There were 2 pools Many disabled were here. They live here because they have a hope.
The lamb of God doesn't go through the gate. He stops. He doesn't worry about becoming unclean

Jesus knows everything about this man. He created him

If you are going through chronic things, ..nothing gets better..remember Jesus knows..he is never blindsided by our pain
Jesus offers compassion to this man
He asks him a question..Do you want to be healed?
Not everyone who has a need, knows they have a need.
Many people love staying in the pain. Addiction to things that hurt us
We like to stay in our sin It becomes our God
Textual criticism..We justify by pointing to others sins

There was a myth that there were angels stirring the water in the pool and the first one in got healed
In pain...we believe myths and crazy things

Get up and take up your bed(reminder of pain)

Is suffering always caused by sin?
Physical suffering is not always caused by sin but it's connected to sin...pollution
Many ask why tornados? Because we believe in a broken world Personal or Pollution? We may never know which
This man is not a disciple of Jesus.
He tell him to stop sinning
Worse than being lame is a heart that is hardened.


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