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Sunday, June 26, 2011

John 5:19-24

These are my notes for Rob's sermon on June 19

Do Christians,Jews,Muslims, worship the same God?
The answer
God reveals himself in the exact same way.
The word trinity isn't in scripture but the concept is all over scripture

Studying the trinity
1. God's being and function surpasses us in many ways
2. The most supreme person in the universe has revealed himself
3. Highlights the atonement of the value of Christ..the lamb on the cross
4. For our justification
5. Emphasizes the importance of the interdependence of the body of Christ..we don't follow him alone
6. For prayer ..he hears all of our prayers

Trinity nature
1. Exists as 3 persons
2. Each exists as God
3. There is one God

The ontological trinity
Who God is ..the study of being .existence

The economic trinity
What God does

Roles of Jesus
1. Son is dependant on the father
Jesus is used by the father...we need to depend on the father and be used by the father

2. The son mimics the father..Jesus life wasn't dicatated by the Roman Empire or Jewish rulers
Why does he mimic the father? Because the son is loved by the father
On judgment day, you can't use your earthly father as an excuse..God is your father
Never get over the fact that you are loved by God

3. The son is used by the Father to judge humanity
sheep and goats...which side are we going to be on

4. To bring honor to the Father. Worship the son and you honor the father

5. To save humanity....death to life


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