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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day #4 Bananas and milk

Well, today has been a long day. It's cold out. I still feel like I have a mild flu but my voice and cough are better.
Day #4 of the experiment is bananas and milk. I had 2 bananas this morning with a glass of milk and a glass of tea. I did ok but about 12 I was getting hungry. We didn't have enough bananas for the rest of the day ( my kids decided they needed banana smoothies yesterday) so Darrell had to go get more. Not a problem right? Wrong. Darrell is a procrastinator and he does stocks on Thursday so I had to get a little whiny when he kept putting me off. I did eat some of the cabbage soup but I really don't like that stuff!
We decided to make banana smoothies with 4 banannas and 1 cup of milk and ice in the blender. I would definitely recommend this. It tasted like a milkshake.
The problem I've had with today is I'm a snacker. There is nothing I can "snack" on so I'm starting to not like this day.
For supper I had another bowl of the cabbage soup and I'm waiting on Darrell to get more bananas..nope he didn't buy enough this morning. He had to take a friend to get a printer. I'm waiting to have my last meal.
Tomorrow we actually get to eat meat..we bought lean roast beef and lean hamburger to grill. We also have to eat 6 tomatoes...I HATE tomatoes so I'm looking at ways I can choke those things down!
I don't own a scale but I can tell I have lost weight. I haven't been miserable with hunger but I definitely feel it. I've tried to stay busy with laundry,reading..I even watched a soap opera I used to watch in my 20's..those things never change including the characters. Tonight I have football and Grey's Anatomy to keep me amused :)


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