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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day #5..Beef and tomatoes

I'm a little late posting this. I watched a movie last night and then went to bed. If you're looking for an action movie "Eagle Eye" is pretty good. It's a little hard to follow in some places but the concept of corrupt government and computers and "Big Brother" was kind of fascinating.
Anyway Day 5 of the weight loss is beef and tomatoes. Darrell bought lean hamburger,buffalo burger, and roast beef. I had the lean hamburger for breakfast and lunch and the roast beef for supper. He liked the buffalo burgers best. I heated up my tomatoes and put them on my hamburger so it was kind of like eating pepper steak. The water was a killer. You have to increase your water intake by a quart which meant I had to drink 7 bottle waters. Let's just better have a pretty strong bladder for this day. They say it's to flush the uric acid out of your system. Uric acid creates gout and that's the last thing I need!
The hardest thing about today was no snacking..again. It was beef and other vegetables. This had definitely been my least favorite of the days. I don't like tomatoes..ugh!
The positive..I don't need a scale to know I've lost weight..I can tell by my pants.
So...2 more days. The hardest part is over..I hope :^)


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