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Sunday, June 26, 2011

John 5:25-29

These are my notes from 6/26 sermon by Jason Zastrow

birth to life to death
We all create definitions of life
v25 An hour is coming and is now here ...both now and the future
Those who understand death are those who are in pain
Christ came so we can have life
2 Corinthians 5:16-17
Who is telling me what life is?
Are you the definer of your own life or others?
Jesus gives life and judges life..redemptive judgment
Why does Jesus get to judge?
He lives as God and man perfectly..righteous judge.
We try to be others judge all the time and we are bad judges
v28 This is basic . No need to marvel
v29 reminder of judgment..while we can still hear his voice we will listen, obey and respond.
How do we live in the spirit in our flesh?
Romans are in the dwell in you...raises our dead lives to life
Resurrection is the definition of life and freedom
Story of Lazarus
"Trumpet Child" by Over the Rhine
Are you living the life of Christ?
Where do you turn for life?


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