Small steps in faith

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"John 6:16-21

These are my notes from Apex sermon 7/17

Following Jesus is never a straight line
Rarely a comfortable line

Christian life is not like a vacation cruise liner. It is a war boat storming the beach of a sin torn world

Darkness (17)
Dark nights of the soul
Spiritual depression
Whether or not we see Jesus in the dark, he always sees us

Absence (17b)
Feeling the Lord has abandoned you
Jesus is always praying for you
Philippians 2:1
You have been fused with Christ

Troubled (v18)
Storms of life
We wake up against the wind of culture
This world is broken. This is not our home. Remember to trust Christ
John 14:1..Let not your hearts be troubled...."

Labored (19)
rowing and slogging through life
Being a disciple of Christ is hard work
Take up your cross
You can't be saved by your work, but you don't grow without work
"Grace is not opposed to effort. It is opposed to earning. Earning is an attitude. Effort is an action. " Dallas Willard

Darkness, absence, troubling circumstances and fatigue can cause confusing fear (19b)
The disciples were fearing that they weren't in control

God allows in this world, darkness, absence,troubling circumstances, and struggle so that Jesus can be sweeter to you.

On Christmas Day, Jesus came to the boat. Jesus gets us to the other side.
He went through darkness, absence, laboring for us.


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