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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"John 6:22-29

These are my notes from Apex


As a believer, motives can keep you from growing
As a nonbeliever, motives can keep you from believing

Typically we love it when Jesus answers our prayers but do not feel the same way when he answers our motives.
Rome would feed the Jews every now and then to control them

Five common but lethal motives in following Jesus

1. Following Jesus to avoid Hell but not wanting Him
2. Following Jesus as a means to obtain something that you perceive of greater value
3. Following Jesus out of cultural expectation "Religiously lost"
4. Following Jesus as a way to get through a crisis
5. Following Jesus to receive forgiveness for sin but not to forsake that sin. Jailhouse gospel.

Jesus reveals our motives (v26) He fed them and they want to be fed physically
Sometimes the gifts of God can be the enemies of God
He challenges our motives(v27)
False motives are poison
He redefines their motives (v28)
They ask what can we do?
They don't get it. It's not about what we can do
It's about what God did for us
Believe in Jesus Christ
God is our bread. The ramifications of this can be hard.

How can I labor and not detach from the light of Christ?

1. Spiritual formation guides how you work
Being in a community, prayer, fasting, being in scripture
Work and labor become an outflow of who you are
If you "don't have time", ask yourself What if Jesus "didn't have time" to go to the cross?

2. Your joy in Christ
This should guide your labor not the coworkers,the money, the power
Let the joy of the Lord be your strength
You need to see work as an act of worship
Our boss is Jesus
You need to see it as a field to expand God's glory
Not everybody loves God's glory. It's not always a pleasant place to be
See work as a place Jesus i making you more like Himself God often uses people to "bubble up" our own idolatry

How are you answering the why questions(motives) in your life?


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