Small steps in faith

Monday, October 31, 2011

"John 8:31-38

My notes from Jason's sermon

Jesus is talking to those who profess beliefs
Abide in his words
What does that mean?
Remain connected to them in such a way action happens Producing fruit
Many examples in scripture that tell us the importance of producing fruit
What are you living out?
If tomorrow you decided "I don't believe in Jesus" would your lifestyle change?

1. Freedom's Practice
Abiding in Jesus word Ex. a chair...actually sitting in it
free from sin to free to something
Wants can conflict
True freedom to do what we're made for
The more we abide and discipline ourselves the more free we are

2. Freedom's Prerequisite
Admitting you are a slave v33
Can't base on religious heritage

Freedom is the state of having the right master...Jesus

3. Freedom's Promise
Becoming a family memeber v35
Are you a slave or are you a son? v36
free= to be set free fro the trap of sin
one who is birthrights
Set free to be adopted
Ex sex trade...liberation and adoption

4. Freedom's Person
Jeus the son

5. Freedom's Price

Are you living in the truth that sets you free?


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