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Monday, October 17, 2011

"John 8:12-20

My notes from Rob's sermon 10/9

Fear of the dark
We grow out of being afraid of the dark but not out of being in a dark place
What does Jesus say about the dark places?

The Blazing Light that is Jesus

I am the light of the world
In John there are 7 "I AM" statements

1 The blazing light is transcultural
It's light for all

2 The blazing light is life giving
Led out of Egypt by a pillar of fire
Psalm 78:14

A great tragedy is being near a blazing light but being blind to it
We are born in darkness

Walking in darkness is thinking and acting in any way that treats Jesus as anything less than God

Doing good in world standards but you are blind in God's view

How were the Pharisees and Scribes walking in darkness?
They believed Jesus acted independently from the Father
They were wrong on the origin and destination of Jesus

Gospel courage...understand where we've been and where we're going John 16:28

They knew God as a revelation but not as a Father 1Thessalonians 5:5


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