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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"John 7:1-13

My notes from Rob's sermon on 8/21

There is 6 months between John 6-7
We look for the profound and miss the basic meaning of the text

Hostile setting (v1-2)
North Galilee
Middle Samaria
South Judea

Jesus is in the northern regiion of Galilee
Feast Sept to Oct harvest of olives and grapes
Jews wanted to kill Jesus

Logical challenge (v3-4)
God isn't controlled by our logic
Jesus often does things in secret
The gospel is God providing grace through the death on the cross..not through miracles

The incriminatory response (v5-8)
time opportunity=chiras
Our schedules are ruled by this world. Jesus is not ruled by the same time
He is going to the feast but at a different time

The lingering issue (v9-13)
Who do you and I say Jesus is
Our silence about Jesus is usually fueled by a fear over losing something or someone that we value over Jesus
The depth of our secret life determines the depth of our public influence
Prayer life...attitude..thought life
Close proximity to information about Jesus is not equal to receiving Jesus
Salvation is always a mystery and a miracle of grace.
Don't take grace for granted
We must seek the Lord about what is on our calendars and what to put on our calendars
We want the power that God provides but not the humility or shame that unleashes it.
Marthin Luther..God creates out of nothing...therefore until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him


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