Small steps in faith

Sunday, September 04, 2011

"John 7 :25-36

My notes from Apex sermon by Rob

Confusion and anger What is producing this?
This message from Jesus if for those at that time and for those of us now
We make the same mistakes that they are making
Who is Jesus? Your answer is crucial

1. Nature of Jesus (v28)
For thirty yr, Jesus lived a mundane life gaining in wisdom and stature
He wasn't fitting the expectations. They were confused on his nature.
The early church had wrong views of Jesus

a. Spirit-mind transplant view (Apollinaus)

b. The two person roomate view- 2 persons existed in 1 body (Nestorius)

c. One New Nature View (Eutyches)

Chakedon connection -fully God and fully man

God sympathizes in our weaknesses but He is God enough to take us out of it.
We often think Jesus needs to conform to our affections
Hebrews 2:17
Hebrews 4: 14-16

Going through prayerlessness, you are believing a heretical view of Jesus

2. Message of Jesus
2 definitions of know
You "know" me..facts but you don't "know" me..perceive

He is saying this to Jews who feel they are in the bloodline...they go to the festivals and memorize scripture

Have you really studied who Jesus is? If so, you have choices to make

3. The mission of Jesus
The primary mission of Jesus is to glorify the father. We try to make it about us.
John 17:1-5
Jesus is going where no human can go and he is raising up judgment..soon it will be too late. "You cannot come"

Richard Drew was an AP photographer who too pictures of the twin towers on 9/11
A picture showing a man jumping ...."Falling of Man"
What if it was too say say I love say I'm sorry

Is Jesus your vision?


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