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Friday, August 19, 2011

"John 6:60-71"

My notes from Jason Wing's sermon

Tough truths
They are not offensive if:
1 It comes from a friend
2 You trust that friend

Three tough truths
1. I am heavenly (38-42) Deity
2. You must eat my flesh and drink my blood (51-53) Exclusive sufficiency
3. Apart from my Father, you can't believe(44) Sovereignty

Scleros..hard to accept

"It's not the things I don't understand that bother me. It's the things that I do understand." Mark Twain

Many churches do things no to offend
Jesus was offensive
One way to God
women submit to your husbands
Men provide

Many truths offend

Truth 1 v 62
Truth 2 v 63
Truth 3 v 64-65

Left to themselves, sinners prefer their sin

Leon Morris "Conversion is always a work of grace"

Respond to Jesus
1. Sincere unbelief..hear and walk away (66)
2. Sincere Belief 68-69)
3. Insincere Belief(70-71)
Judas is an example. He was fascinated by Jesus and saw his teachings

The church is filled with these people intention of loyally following Jesus
2 way Christian is not a Christian
Jesus truth is hard...if we fight against it


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