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Monday, October 03, 2011

"John 8:1-11"

My notes from Rob's sermon on 10/2/11
In the ESV version, there are brackets around these verses. In some earlier translations, these verses were not included

1. A textual dilemma?
Textual criticism- finding out how we have gotten these documents to be in our Bible
We have no "autographs"...only manuscripts or copies
There is going to be variance
In the oldest copies, this story is not in there.
It doesn't appear for several hundred years
The vocabulary is different.
However, this doesn't mean it didn't happen.

2. Public shame
Jesus is teaching and they take the woman from the setting to this public place and announce her sin publicly
Pharisees and scribes scribes are lawyers

3. Demonic trap
Kill's against Rome
Don't kill's against the Sanhedrim
Their goal isn't's a trap
Deuteronomy 22:22
Leviticus 20:10
These are referring to the law
But where is the man?
One of the Pharisees? One of the scribes? Was it done to trap Jesus?

4. Dramatic Reversal
In a situation that looks like there is no hope
Jesus writes on the ground
What was he writing?
This woman was not the only adulteress in the story
CS Lewis "Mere Christianity" He talks about cold self righteousness
Jeremiah 17:13
He who is without sin cast the first stone....the oldest left first

5. An astonishing and life altering Freedom
Their greatest crime...they walked away...they didn't repent
Their self righteousness stayed
They see others sin as greater than their own
Jesus was the only one with no sin who could stone her but He lets her go "I don't condemn you"
sin no more...have a changed life
2 Corinthians 9:8
There are no "private sins" before God
Hebrews 4:18
Job 34:21
The adulterous woman is us
We need someone who is justified to kill us but by grace sets us free
There is punishment for the crime...but someone else pays for it...Jesus
Isaiah 55:5-6
Romans 8:1
Colossians 2:14-15


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