Small steps in faith

Monday, October 31, 2011

John 8:37-47

My notes from Rob's sermon

"Your love never fails
It never gives up
It never runs out on me"

Spiritual paternity test
God or Satan

How does the Devil raise his children?

1. He wants to raise you to see God as your biological heritage
This isn't's about faith
The Jews felt entitled
For those raised in the church, this can be a vulnerability
"I'm good because I've been raised in the church"

2. He wants to raise you to do his work
Patterns of sinning

3. He wants to raise you in the belief that knowing God does not require you to love Jesus
He's not afraid of God talk but screams in fear of Jesus

4. He wants to raise you with his desires in order to overide the words of Jesus
ex. dating, listen to things that contradict scripture

5. He wants to raise you to see Jesus as the liar
ex. Genesis...the snake
Jesus has never uttered a lie

6. He wants to raise you to be spiritually deaf

We are not entitled to God's grace
Christ commissions us to good work
How are your affections for Jesus? you heart? your passion?
Are you operating in the power of the spirit?
Jesus is the truth in everything
Are you humble and teachable? or are you prideful?

Knowing God....J Packard

Do I understand my adoption?
Have I sought sure assurance
Do I think of Jesus as my brother? divine authority and divine sympathy
Have I learned to hate the things that displease my father
Do I look forward to that day in heaven?
Do I love my brothers and sisters?
Am I proud of my family?
Does family likeness appear in me?


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