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Friday, November 11, 2011

2 Samuel 9

These are my notes from Rob's sermon on 11/6
Orphan Sunday
We sang the beautiful song "Albertine" by Brooke Fraser
Videos of families who were involved with adoption

In the context of history of this chapter of the Bible
Saul is in the positon of leadership but has no heart for God after God's heart
He becomes a warrior
Saul becomes jealous of David
Saul's son, Jonathan, is David's best friend
Jonathan and Saul both die in battle
Mephibosheth is Jonathan's son
His nurse drops him and he is physically crippled

Mephibosheth was:

From a rival family

David was:
Searches for him
Has kindness toward him
restores him
communes with him

Jesus goes to the morgue and puts his life on ours so that we may live
He restores our life

Look for ways God wants you to be involved with orphans

"Carried to the Table" by Leeland based on this story


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