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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christ in you

My notes from the sermon by Rennes Bowers on 11/27

Nothing is coincidence
The Son can do nothing of his own accord.
How did Jesus live his life?
Need to look at the root not just his fruits
He lived as a man.he did these miracles as a man in dependence of his Father
John 20 Father sent Jesus and Jesus sends us with the indwelling presence of Him in us
He breathes into them the Holy Spirit.
Jesus teaches on:
1. Kingdom 2. Father 3. Life of life from the tree of life
We ate from the wrong tree...the tree of knowledge of good and evil
The Christian life is not to pursue good and avoid evil
It's to live with God in us
Gospel of John is about life
bios=measurable life
psuche=soul life
zoe=God's eternal divine life
lamb=they eat if for strength for the journey
lamb(Christ) in you
Jesus is Zoe
Galations 2:20
You can't live robotically
We are the vessel He lives in
Broken vessels..God flows through you to others
God puts lambs in our lives


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