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Monday, November 28, 2011

"John 9:1-17"

My notes from Jasons' sermon on 11/20

No reference to healing with blindness by God in the Old Testament
No reference to disciples healing blindness in the New Testament

In the gospels, there are many examples of Jesus healing the blind
Isaiah The Messiah gives sight to the blind
Jesus is showing He is the Messiah to the Jews

Observation #1
The blind man could not see Jesus but He could see him
Jesus stops and helps those who are blind..even spiritually blind. We don't seek God if left to ourselves
To be like Jesus....don't overlook the disabled

Assumption in that cultrure..specific suffering results in specific sins that caused it
God has a purpose for all of us...there is no accident or mistake
Look at the world through the lens of the WORD
Exodus 4:11

Observation #2
This man's blindness as purposed by God
Differently enabled..not disabled
Doesn't mean you can't pray for healing
Life with disability with Jesus is better than life without disability without Jesus

Observation #3
Jesus wants his disciples to co-labor with Him in the works of God
Ephesians 2:10

Observation #4
Jesus wants his disciples to do God's works with a sense of urgency
There is an enemy working in this world
Don't waste your life
Jesus got his hands dirty to heal a man
Pool of Siloan=sent

Observation #5
The pool of Siloan is a picture of Jesus
Need to be washed whiter than snow

Observation #6
The changes in the blind man's life caused the crowds to ask questions
Started off thinking of Jesus as a man then sees him as a prophet...later in John he sees him as the Messiah

John Newton
By the grace of God I am what I longer a slave to satan and sin


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