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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"John 8:48-58

My notes from Jason's sermon this am

V 48- Name calling from the Pharisees.
They dishonor Jesus by calling him a Samaritan and having a demon
When we stand for the things of God , we should expect some level of conflict

49-50 Dishonoring Jesus is the same as dishonoring God Opposing Jesus is opposing God
opposing Jesus..warning that God is a judge who will defend his glory
God sent Jesus to save us 3:17...not just to condemn
John 8:51 eternal life..if you keep his offer of grace
John 11:35-26
We have physical death but our soul lives
John 5:24
Eternal life starts when we believe ...not when we die.
Death where is your victory

54-58 Jesus tells them who he is..even Abraham rejoiced who he is
Before Abraham..I AM...making a point about his preexistence and his presence now. I am God.
John 8:58 Jesus claims to be God. He understood his own divinity
When Jesus makes a promise, God makes a promise
Hebrews 2:14-15
Fear of death-enemy trying to keep you a slave to death


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