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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"How do we win the respect of outsiders?"

These are my notes from Apex's sermon this morning. As I put in my last post , we listened to worship music last night and then came back this morning for Frontline and the sermon..the bonus..I got to hear worship music again and we came in just as they were doing "God of Wonders". I love that song.

1 Thessalonians 4:1--12

The message was done by Brian Pelphrey. Brian is an elder and housechurch leader. He hopes to plant his own church in the Miamisburg area.

This message is written for Christ followers but at the end of the message is something for nonbelievers.

How do we win the respect of outsiders?

1 It's important how we live

We need to live by the spirit not by our sinful nature
Galatians 5 reminds us of the fruits of the spirit.
When you are work...are you filled with joy?
What do you look like at work?
Matthew 5 teaches us to be the salt of the earth.
What type of salt are you?

Table salt...adds flavor and gives things a "pop"
Rock salt...only used in certain situations..sporadic

2 Important how we love

Share our lives with people and put their needs above our own
At work ..are you someone who comforts,encourages,cares, and shares your life with people?
You can't wear a mask and pretend to have joy,love,etc.
Take off your fricking mask...( yeah he used those exact words and I'm sure comment cards will be written...)

Be kind..1 Peter 3:8
Don't retaliate back.
Be available.
In order to share your have to give your time!
God defines who we need to share with. It's not just "who you like"

3 The way we work

Working with our hands and working hard.
At work you get your hands dirty? Or do you sit there and read emails all day?
Don't be a complainer or the one who argues.
You should be shining the light of Christ
Don't gossip.
Don't put the focus on "me". Listen to what others are saying. Don't plan what you are going to say next about yourself.
Mind your own business. Don't judge others on stories other people tell or stories you've heard.

Have you seen anyone like this?
If the answer is yes..they are looking to share Jesus with you.
If the answer is no...Read the book of John and see Jesus as he truly is.

The Power of the Cross can change:
Nonbeliever to Believer
enemy to friend
alientated to close
evil to Christlike
dark to light
far to near
dead to life
blind to see
deaf to hear
mute to speak
guilty to innoncent
proud to humble
alone to having Christ always with them


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