Small steps in faith

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"John 4: 27-42

My notes from 5/15 sermon

4 Scenes of the Harvest

1. The thirst is quenched (27-30)
What jar in your life is containing what you think is sustaining you?
Job? Degree? Membership? Neighborhood?
Love? Affection? family?
Pleasure? vacations? video games? bottle? pills?
What do you need to abandon?
Sharing your story like the woman at the well..planting seeds

2. The hunger is satisfied (31-34)
food...are you spiritually starving?
food=doing the will of God
God's mission is our meal
Jesus mission= die on the cross so we can have eternal life

3. The harvest is reaped (35-41)
4 months of harvest....he addresses them in their physical mindset
white for harvest...spiriitual harvest people with souls...Samaritans wore white robes..they were the immediate harvest
Sowers and reapers
Sowers...give the good new i.e. John the Baptist
Reapers...the disciples
See where God is at work and join Him in it...Henry Blackaby

Secondhand testimony is not a substitute for direct personal encounter with Jesus
You can't ride the coattails of some one else's faith

4. The Savior is worshipped (v42)
God gives the growth
"The goal of the church is not missions but worship" John Piper

Missions exist because worship doesn't
We can plant and water but it's God who makes it grow

"John 4: 16-26

My notes from the sermon on 5/8 Mother's Day

There are many things we want from God but there are things we don't want him to take in order to get them.

1. Jesus reveals the woman's false worship (16-18)
She married over and over
You can't make your spouse your lord.
She doesn't want to let Jesus in her heart...she argues theology.
Theological arguments are used to hide

2. Jesus reveals her broken thinking (19-24)
You can't worship without the's from a deep place inside
It has nothing to do with hymns vs contemporary
Right thinking produces right feeling
Worship must have heart and head
head only=dry up
heart only=blow up
concert of both=grow up

3. Jesus reveals his solution (himself) (25-26)

Monday, May 02, 2011

"John 4: 1-15"

A Tale of Two Empty People

He has a name...Nicodemus
She has no name

He is in Judah
She is in Samaria

He comes to Jesus
Jesus goes to her

He is revered
She is reviled

You can never to too high to not need salvation and you an never be too low to receive salvation

After Solomon Israel splits into Samaria and Jerusalem
Assyria comes in and defeats the northern kingdom. Some stay in Samaria and there are 2 theologies
Jews hate Samaritans..they diluted pure worship of the living God
There is tension and strife
Jesus meets a lady with 3 strikes

She's a Samaritan
A woman
Has a sordid past

She comes to the well at noon because of shame
Jacob's's 100 ft deep and still works today
Jesus goes out of his way to get to this woman
He's tired but still cares about this woman's salvation
When you and I do gospel work, we will be weary

Being missional....
1. Jesus cares for the lost.. People are hard to love
a. Pray for the lost
b. Remember the mercy given to you
c. compare others to Christ, not yourself
d. feel the weight of our future (judgment)

2. Jesus displays vulnerability
If unbelievers see you as squeaky clean, that's a problem

3. Jesus connects (the earthly and spiritual)
There is a well inside of us
Problem..Her bucket is leaking Jeremiah 2:13.. Broken cisterns

4. Jesus offers (a deeper search)
Use your life earthly to connect to others spiritually...always be ready


The resurrection provided hope to an ongoing reality

"What oxygen is to the lungs,such is hope to the meaning of life" Emil Brunner

Mark Barton...a man who killed his family in Atlanta. He had no hope

People who are hopeless and don't know it...are people who don't have hope in Christ but the world.

Resurrection hope is:
1.'s kept in heaven and never decays
2. stubborn..even in trials..we still have hope in Christ
God doesn't put us through a trial so He can find's so we can find out
If a trial happens to Jesus, it happens to his disciples
3. Overyoyed...irrepressible
In the final day we have new minds and bodies We will be reengineered to enjoy our ultimate joy