Small steps in faith

Sunday, June 26, 2011

John 5:25-29

These are my notes from 6/26 sermon by Jason Zastrow

birth to life to death
We all create definitions of life
v25 An hour is coming and is now here ...both now and the future
Those who understand death are those who are in pain
Christ came so we can have life
2 Corinthians 5:16-17
Who is telling me what life is?
Are you the definer of your own life or others?
Jesus gives life and judges life..redemptive judgment
Why does Jesus get to judge?
He lives as God and man perfectly..righteous judge.
We try to be others judge all the time and we are bad judges
v28 This is basic . No need to marvel
v29 reminder of judgment..while we can still hear his voice we will listen, obey and respond.
How do we live in the spirit in our flesh?
Romans are in the dwell in you...raises our dead lives to life
Resurrection is the definition of life and freedom
Story of Lazarus
"Trumpet Child" by Over the Rhine
Are you living the life of Christ?
Where do you turn for life?

John 5:19-24

These are my notes for Rob's sermon on June 19

Do Christians,Jews,Muslims, worship the same God?
The answer
God reveals himself in the exact same way.
The word trinity isn't in scripture but the concept is all over scripture

Studying the trinity
1. God's being and function surpasses us in many ways
2. The most supreme person in the universe has revealed himself
3. Highlights the atonement of the value of Christ..the lamb on the cross
4. For our justification
5. Emphasizes the importance of the interdependence of the body of Christ..we don't follow him alone
6. For prayer ..he hears all of our prayers

Trinity nature
1. Exists as 3 persons
2. Each exists as God
3. There is one God

The ontological trinity
Who God is ..the study of being .existence

The economic trinity
What God does

Roles of Jesus
1. Son is dependant on the father
Jesus is used by the father...we need to depend on the father and be used by the father

2. The son mimics the father..Jesus life wasn't dicatated by the Roman Empire or Jewish rulers
Why does he mimic the father? Because the son is loved by the father
On judgment day, you can't use your earthly father as an excuse..God is your father
Never get over the fact that you are loved by God

3. The son is used by the Father to judge humanity
sheep and goats...which side are we going to be on

4. To bring honor to the Father. Worship the son and you honor the father

5. To save humanity....death to life

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Don't Forget to Pack Your Phone

Luke 11:5-8

These are notes from a sermon I went to this am at Miamisburg Christian Church. I wanted to visit my friends Adam and Kyle who lead worship here.
Their series is based on summer and going on vacation and not forgetting to pack spiritual things we need
This Sunday was prayer(phone)

3 Reasons to Pack Your Phone

I pray because I know that I never don't need God
"O God, if in the day of battle I forget Thee, do not Thou forget me" William King

I pray because praying reminds God and me that I love God
"Prayer is so simple. It is like quietly opening a door and slipping into the very presence of God"

When I persist in my daily prayer, prayer is productive
Finger Prayer
Thumb..those closest to you
Pointer finger..those who teach
Longest finger...our leaders
Ring finger..(weakest) those who are sick
Pinky is smallest..pray for you

2 Reasons We might not pray

Prayer can be frustrating
"Prayer calls for us to be on God's timetable, not for Him to adjust to ours."

God wants my praying to be persistent
PUSH Pray until something happens

Lord,dismiss us now with Your peace, except those who don't know you; keep them miserable until they come to know the Prince of Peace." Donald Barnhous

John 5:1-18

John 5:1-18

Jesus is going to a festival in the middle of Jerusalem where there is a temple. Outside of the temple is a sheep gate
Lambs/sheep were important in the Jewish faith
They were symbolic
There were 2 pools Many disabled were here. They live here because they have a hope.
The lamb of God doesn't go through the gate. He stops. He doesn't worry about becoming unclean

Jesus knows everything about this man. He created him

If you are going through chronic things, ..nothing gets better..remember Jesus knows..he is never blindsided by our pain
Jesus offers compassion to this man
He asks him a question..Do you want to be healed?
Not everyone who has a need, knows they have a need.
Many people love staying in the pain. Addiction to things that hurt us
We like to stay in our sin It becomes our God
Textual criticism..We justify by pointing to others sins

There was a myth that there were angels stirring the water in the pool and the first one in got healed
In pain...we believe myths and crazy things

Get up and take up your bed(reminder of pain)

Is suffering always caused by sin?
Physical suffering is not always caused by sin but it's connected to sin...pollution
Many ask why tornados? Because we believe in a broken world Personal or Pollution? We may never know which
This man is not a disciple of Jesus.
He tell him to stop sinning
Worse than being lame is a heart that is hardened.

John 4: 43-54

John 4:43-54
These are my notes from May 21 sermon.
Irony.....contradiction make normal
Many times when we think we are welcoming Jesus, we are dishonoring him
Welcoming faith is not the same as saving faith

1. Faith motivated by tragedy
Problem leads to leap of faith

2. Motivated by miraculous
Jesus is not talking in this passage to just the dad
He is also talking to all of us
God does the miraculous all the time through grace

It's a desire to use Jesus but not love him
When he gets into parts of our lives such as idols, we want him to leave...we treat him like a dinner guest

Saving faith..Jesus uses the broken version of faith

1. Believes and responds...Sincere faith is not based on tragedy and miracles. It's based on God's word
We are all here to get our orders from the King
You can't be just listeners You have to be doers

2. Responds by trusting in his promises
Promise from the Lord in the middle of the desert. What will keep you going? The promises and word of God
Jesus has never broken a promise. He fulfills every promise
What do you do when it's not working out? Keep walking.We give up too soon. Jesus kept walking his death.

3 Affects those around us.
If you don't always clearly see the fruit, it doesn't mean you're not walking