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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas CD..Sara Groves

Last year I heard Sara Groves at the Andrew Peterson concert "Behold The Lamb". She has a beautiful voice and she came out with a Christmas album this year. I got it for 6 bucks with coupons yesterday and it is worth every penny. The 2nd song,"It's True" is my favorite.

"Highlight: The haunting and insightful “It’s True,” a track she originally wrote for a Blood:Water Mission Christmas benefit that takes on a whole new meaning for anyone who has ever felt hopeless. "

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Homosexuality and the Gospel"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon at Apex tonight.
I would recommend actually listening to the sermon or pulling up the PDF on iTunes

Genesis 1:27

We sang awesome worship songs...Open Skies,From The Inside Out,Phil Wing's song "I Am",Divine Romance,Beautiful, and "None But Jesus"
There are some nights when you can feel the emotion and tonight was one of those nights.

Rob started out by talking about 2 stories in how homosexuality is reacted to.
1 Matthew Shephard..the man who was tortured and hung on a post
2 The reaction of Fred Phelps spewing hate and blaming homosexuality for the destruction of our culture.

Both are sick and make God sick.
This sermon is not a political issue.
There are many people right here in the room who are struggling with different aspects of this.
The church has done a horrible job of loving the gay population.
The goal tonight is to make clear what scripture teaches.
Many will argue that the passages in the Old Testament occurred thousands of years ago
Is it dealing with only a small portion of people thousands of years ago or is it the blueprint for all humanity.

Issues of deception within the homosexual mind

1 " I am biologically determined toward same sex attraction"
All of us born after Genesis 3 are predisposed to sin. Desires are inverted inward.
It is much deeper than just sexual

2 Love is deeper in homsexual relationships than heterosexual relationships
The definition of love is determined by God. In 1st John, the love of God is obeying his commands. Deeper "intimacy" doesn't make it true.

3 Homosexuality is OK as long as it's monogamous..there is the misconception that God accepts everybody. God doesn't accept everyone..there are monogamous heterosexual relationships that aren't accepted.

4 My homosexuality is my own business and it's not the job of others to make it their own.
Sin never impacts just has other effects.
Rob gave a lot of statistics from the Gay and Lesbian literature..not Christian literature that honestly was surprising
75% of gay men have more than 100 partners
Only 8% of men and 7% of women have a relationship that lasts longer than 3 years
There is an increase use of alcohol and drug use
Depression is 6 times and women is 2 times the normal.
75% of men carry an infection not counting AIDS
Life expectancy of men including the figures with AIDS is age 39

5 The scriptures that condemn homosexuality can be interpreted other ways i.e Leviticus 18:22,20:13, Romans 1:26-27
When you speak of law in Old Testament there is ceremonial which is replaced with Christ but there is moral law which is STILL HERE

6 I can never be redeemed or used by God if I struggle with same sex attraction
Consumerism can send people to eternal separation just as the sin of homosexuality

Those struggling with this:

1 Need the hope of the gospel..change can happen
2 Need to come into the light and in the need of God. Christians need to love them.
3 Need to cut off relationships that stand in opposition to the gospel
4 Immerse yourself into God's word
5 Do the hard but not heavy command of the gospel..God does the heavy

Challenge to the church
1 Get rid of self righteousness
2 Listen,listen,listen...listen to their story
3 value and practice patience..change doesn't happen overnight
4 Welcome them into your family
5 Help them grow holistically in's not just about sexuality
6 Battle with them and for them in prayer

Black Friday...a seneseless death

This was the first day I have been off on the Friday after Thanksgiving in years. My sister is in town so we decided to do the "Black Friday" shopping. We actually started off at the Greenes which wasn't crowded at all..of course it's outside and it was about 25 degrees :) Fairfield Mall was a totally different experience. We had to park at the movie cinema and walk over to the mall and lines were very long at some of the stores.

Fortunately we didn't experience the craziness that happened in the Walmart in Long Island. A young man who worked there was trampled to death by hundreds of bargain shoppers after he tried to control the crowd. Unbelievable and very sick and sad.
What in the world can be that important at Walmart that you would stomp over a human being! I thought it was crazy enough when I saw people pitching sleeping bags in front of Best Buy the night before. I also thought that the early morning hours would have deterred some of the crowds but I guess not.
I can't imagine how his family is feeling in losing their son for such a senseless reason...pure greed.
I think I'll follow my sister's lead and do my shopping at Goodwill where there aren't the crowds but there are great bargains!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


“Praise God even when you don’t understand what He is doing.”

This has been a hard year for many people.
I see it in my own life..I'm married to a car salesman who sells a product that is getting ready to tank.
I work with patients who can't take their medicine because they can't afford their copays or even worse they have no insurance because they lost their job.
I see it with friends who worked at General Motors and will lose their jobs as of Dec 23.
It's easy to focus on the negative and not the positive when we don't understand the big picture.
There are many things in my life to be thankful for and that's where the focus needs to be.
I have a loving family with an awesome husband and 2 beautiful healthy children.
I have a house to live in
I have food and clean water
I have friends who give their love and time
I have a secure job that I love.
But most important, I have a God who walks with me everyday and guides me and knows what is best for me. Sometimes life lessons are hard. God never promised it would be easy but he did promise that he would never leave us and that he would give us" a future and a hope"

Right now..It's 22 degrees and Darrell is getting ready to go with his high school buddies to the Turkey Trot in I'm thankful that it's him and not me...haha.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 22nd Birthday Kristen!!!!!!

Zach helped me find this picture for my blog today. This is Kristen with her friend..not boyfriend!...Kip from Campus Choir.
Kristen is as beautiful inside as she is outside!
She's driving home for Thanksgiving today so we get to spend part of her birthday with her!
Happy Birthday REEEEEEEESTUN!! We love you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random thoughts from my weekend

Don't rent "Lars and the Real Girl"...Bizarre!!

"Death at a Funeral"...funny English humor

Subby's fries rock!

The book of Isaiah is a HARD book to study but Frisch's french toast makes it better

The feeling of anticipation when you know your child is almost home is priceless

It's hard to cheer for OSU when your son is totally dressed in blue and gold..and so is your dog :)

Christmas in Springboro ... good kettlecorn....seeing old friends...getting the "stinkeye"(Juno) from an immature,rude person from my past

It doesn't get any better than "Hosanna" for worship

Boston Stoker coffee on a cold morning warms you right up

There's no better place to watch college basketball than UD arena..especially when you get free tickets

Brett Favre and the New York Jets RULE

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is pacifism a legitimate, biblical response to war?

These are my notes from Apex.
One of the men that Darrell and I deliver food to came with us which was a HUGE step.
This is definitely an example of God's time.
He really struggles with being around crowds so we tried to be very sensitive to that.

Rob is taking this week and next week to answer critical questions. They are also tough questions with many varying opinions. This week is dealing with war. Next week is homosexuality.

War is horrible, inevitable, and at times justifiable.
In the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon is describing life...even in homes there is peace and there is war.

When you see the phrase in scripture "You have heard it said" Jesus is referring back to the law in Old Testament.

Four general views of war

1 retribution for any crime..completely antiwar i.e. Gandhi

2 Nonresistance. Not completely Pacificists..They serve in noncombative roles

3 Just Cause...Defensive in nature. done by legitimate authority. Right intention..object is peace
Proportionality..good outweighs weaponry. Last resort.

4 Preventative.."I'm gonna get you before you get me" Is it about oppression or oil?
We will take initiative before you come at us.

How do we deal with war?

Pacifism is a legitimate biblical response...but an immature one.

It suffers from naive optimism regarding the nature of man.

Pacifism, if consistent, leads to anarchy..we stay out of wars but it would destroy government authority such as police.

War is inevitable because we are human beings..our human behavior.

Pacifism fails to see the distinction between individual and civil conduct..The ethic Jesus uses in Matthew 5: 38-42 is individual.

We need to remember that when it comes to those in authority..i.e. the presidential candidate , we are told to pray for them. We would all do better to pray than to gossip and tear down their character.

Pacifism overextends the kingdom "then" into the kingdom "now" True cultural peace will not be present until heaven.

Pacifism takes lightly the use of soldiers in the New Testament
Many metaphors are used in reference to never use a wrong metaphor to prove your point. Jesus and Paul use these metaphors.

We need to thank God for godly people in the military and pray for them.

Pacifism does not see war as a possible means of loving your neighbor.
There are times in oppressive situations i.e. Darfur when war is the right solution.

Pacifism sees no distinction between killing and murder. There are separate words in Greek and Latin for these words if you go back to literal translation of the Bible.

Pacifism forgets that God is not a pacifist.

Many times Jesus is seen as only a pacifist when actually he was involved in the greatest war that ever happened.
The war wasn't fought on a battlefield. It was fought on a cross.
It was a Holy God making war on sin. Holiness and justness collided with love.

Pacifism doesn't mean you aren't a Christ's a challenge for you to grow in your maturity.

In Matthew 5 Jesus uses hyperbole to make a point. We need to work out things among ourselves before rushing to civil authority.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fat Cat...literally!!

This poor cat needs a serious diet and exercise program!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

"I Am Potential"

I went to see a movie,"Quantum of Solace", and I got an added blessing. We went to Books and Co. before the movie started to look around. Darrell noticed that there would be an author speaking this afternoon. He had seen Patrick Henry Hughes and his dad on an ESPN special and said it was really inspirational so he wanted to come back after the movie. They have also been on Extreme Home Makeover. I included the ESPN video on here so you can see what makes them so special. The name of their book is "I Am Potential..Eight Lessons on Living,Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams."

BTW.."Quantum of Solace" was good but I liked "Casino Royale" better.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Missional Impulse

These are my notes from Rob's sermon tonight.
We sang one of my favorite worship songs by Leeland.."Tears of the Saints"
Matthew 9:35-38

What is produced in you is reproduced in others.
God gives us all a missional impulse.

Your missional impulse will cease when you:

1 Lose a sense of mission...Jesus is always on the move. We need to be on a mission for things that keep us alive spiritually.

2 Lose joy in the message...You can pass "disease" on to others if you lose joy.
Has the gospel become "boring" to you? You should never "get over" the gospel.

3 Lose a heart of mercy..Those who have a "theological mind" risk losing a heart of mercy and many times they are the ones who need mercy.
Jesus sees people how they are.

How do we revive a missional impulse?

1 Engage in fervent prayer..Pray for the lost by name

2 Be humbled and thankful for the task...It's God's will always be bigger than us. God gets the glory from humble finite beings.
We are God's field and workers.

3 Embrace the fact that kingdom work is hard work

4 Remember who energizes the work..It's movtivated by love and powered by the Holy Spirit.

Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day

The figures for 2007
There are 23.6 million children and adults in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who have diabetes. While an estimated 17.9 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, unfortunately, 5.7 million people (or nearly one quarter) are unaware that they have the disease.

I have done diabetes education for the last 8 years of my career. These numbers have gone up at epidemic proportions. What I've seen in my personal experience? My patients who are newly diagnosed with Type 2 are now in their 30's instead of their 60's.
Unfortunately diabetes is a disease that silently creeps up on many people and does it 's damage without obvious symptoms. Every week I deal with the shock,denial,depression,and anger with the new diagnosis.
Most of the time people don't recognize or know what the symptoms are so I'm going to post them here

Some diabetes symptoms include:

* Frequent urination
* Excessive thirst
* Extreme hunger
* Unusual weight loss
* Increased fatigue
* Irritability
* Blurry vision

What makes you at risk? The two biggest factors for Type 2 are family history and excessive weight(primarily abdominal fat). What I tell my patients is that you can't do anything about the genetics but there is alot you can do to change the weight through lifestyle changes. Is it easy? Absolutely not!
Is it necessary? If you want to delay or prevent the diagnosis...yes.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New church music :)

This made me laugh until I cried..I love the part where they take their robes off :)

Christmas songs already?

I got an email yesterday letting me know that because I'm a lite 99.9 VIP(I like their contests for money :) that they were letting me in on when they will start their 24/7 Christmas music...It's this week..seriously.

I love Christmas but I do think that the second week of November is a little early to go to 24/7 hour Christmas music...unless it's Andrew Peterson(which it never is on the radio..only at our house :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

More than Just Words

These are my notes from Rob's sermon tonight

Proverbs 18:21


that complain..always putting someone down
that cut..demolish
that gossip...use the voice to trash other people sometimes in the guise of prayer request
that lie..untrue..even to ourselves
that shock..abrasive
that embellish..
words that murmur...constant complaining..spreads
words that get out of the person what you want

Words create and shape realities

James 3:6
God created through words.
If you have a bad experience ..don't "spread report"

Words set the course for your life
Tongues can be wicks for Hell

Words are judgeable
We will have to give account for every careless word

Words distinguish between redeemed and hellbound individuals

Words reveal who we really are

Theologically the mouth is connected to the heart.
Words can reflect who we are but they can also hide who we really are

How can we use better words?

Remember you are an ambassador of work,at home. You are always "on"

Purify the origin of your words on a continual basis
What is the origin of words? Your heart
Anything used for our agenda is unwholesome talk...what is your motive?

It's easy to get jaded on a daily basis..we need to decompress and go to God

Ponder what you say before you say quick to listen and slow to speak

Place a filter of service over your mouth Ephesians 4:29

Consider the person
Consider the problem
Consider the process

Can you go 24 hours without being discouraging about or to someone else? If not, you don't have control over your mouth

WORDS MATTER!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

A very beautiful song

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Presidents

I saw this on a blog I follow and it was such an interesting picture I wanted to post it too :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

VOTE...and drink coffee and eat a donut :)

Darrell and I got up early to vote since he had training to be at in Cincinnati. Unfortunately for him,he will be a little late. When we got there, at 6:15 there was quite a line. The first person in line had gotten there at 5:40...yikes! We waited in line for 30 minutes before voting. Our neighbor Julie was with us.
You always get entertaining conversation with Darrell who made several friends while he was waiting :) He was trying to direct the lines so people didn't wait in the wrong one. If you live in Woodland Greens you get your own line..nice.
We did find out that Krispy Kreme is giving away donuts shaped like a star if you vote. We already knew that all Starbucks are giving out free tall coffees if you vote so Darrell ,the coffee addict, asked the guy for 3 stickers haha.
So now it's a matter of wait and see. All the polling places we passed in Springboro were long lines like ours. Darrell said they should make this day a holiday...hmmmm maybe they could put that on the next ballot!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Last blooms of the summer

It's been really warm here for the 70's. My friend Cindy gave me a small rose plant in a coffee cup for Valentine's Day. I kept it in my window sill and watered it faithfully until spring and planted it...You can see how well it did..I thought I'd take a picture of the last blooms for the year.

Men of few words

Have you ever noticed that the people who say the fewest words are sometimes the wisest?
I'm beginning to realize this especially with the upcoming election.
I've honestly struggled with both candidates and the issues.
2 separate people who don't know each who is very involved in his church and one who isn't..helped me decide by their short words of wisdom.
So tomorrow I will vote ..and I will do it with confidence that God has spoken to my heart.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

House Rules...forgiveness

These are my notes from Apex.
We had baby dedication and then worship. Issac and Phil...doesn't get any better :)
This is the second night in a row I sang Amazing Grace..different versions.

Matthew 18:21-34

People of God are forgiven and should be forgiving

1 There is no expending cap on forgiveness.
Our culture doesn't believe this. "If you forgive over and over you'll be walked on"
What we need to remember...Jesus was walked on.

2 Extending forgiveness is just as important for the forgiver as it is for the one being forgiven.

"Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for your enemy to die."

3 The freedom that comes from the forgiveness of Christ should produce a freedom to forgive others.

Jesus saved us to become a gift to others

4 An understanding of the depth of your forgiven life is crucial for your forgiveness of others.
If you calculate the debt described in the today's standards he owed 2.5 million dollars.
There is nothing you can do or say that makes you righteous Colossians 3:13

5 Unforgiveness is a vicious form of deceit
If you are a follower of Christ with unforgiveness in your're being deceived.

Other significant factors concerning forgiveness

1 Forgiveness does not mean memory loss.
2 Forgiveness does not erase all earthly consequences
3 Forgiveness is a point in time as well as a continual process
4 There is a difference between having an attitude of forgiveness and actual forgiveness
5 Forgiveness is a commitment

Attributes of Courageous Forgiveness

1 When you give up your rights to justice
2 When you pray for your enemy to see the goodness of God
3 When you are practical in your forgiving attitude toward them
4 When you grieve for their misfortunes
5 When you seek reconciliation
6 When you desire the best for your enemy

David Crowder and coffee

Last night we saw David Crowder for the 5th time. I think I could go 500 times and listen to him. I found this on you is exactly how he played this song with the words on the screen. It was beggars night in Cedarville so there were some people dressed up and they went up on stage. One guy was dressed as David Crowder which was funny. He played all of his favorites and it lasted about 1 1/2 hrs. We went to a really nice coffee shop called Beans-N-Cream after the concert and had coffee and pumpkin pie. Definitely worth checking out if you are in Cedarville. They have a little stage with open mic and live music most Fridays and Saturdays.